So much Christmas

All December long, while I was busy making presents of various sorts, I kept thinking “ooooh, I want to share my progress on this!”…and then I’d remember that these things were secrets and I couldn’t show them openly on the internet until January. So I resolved to make a big post about all of them when the new year rolled around.

Roll around it did, and where was this post, you ask? I uh, um, uh, about that. At first my excuse was that I was recovering. Then I was trying to get back in to my regular daily rhythm. Then…yeah, you got me, it was all procrastination. So here we are in February. I’d say it’s a little late to be thinking about the holidays, but really at this point it’s cleverly early for next year. Yep.

StollenThis is just one of five stollen I made during the month (ok, so I only made the recipe three times, but one of those was split into three smaller ones). Stollen is what fruitcake should be – lightly sweet, flecked with orange and currants, delicious. The initial idea was to just make one as a gift, but then I got to thinking that I should really make a test stollen to see how it would turn out before I packed one up to mail off across the country. So I looked up a lovely recipe and made one for a party early in December. It was, as you might imagine considering I made so many, amazing, so a second was made and packed up to be mailed off. But I wanted more for myself, and there were more parties to attend, soooo…

Cyborg Skull NecklaceMy Etsy shop has been almost entirely filled with recycled circuit board jewelry of late, and I did give out a number of pieces from the Cyborg Series, as I call those pieces. This skull necklace was special among those – it’s a new shape for me, chosen because the recipient is the queen of all skulls.

Orange Carambola MobileBlue Carambola Mobile

My latest obsession website is Pinterest, and it led me to the origami tutorial for these Carambola flowers. Warning – the video is in German, which doesn’t mean someone who doesn’t speak the language can’t follow along with the visuals, it just might be a slight bit trickier. It takes a few tries to get them right but once you do, they’re fairly simple, and they look so pretty all strung up.

Mug SweaterJust a simple little mug sweater here, something to keep those drinks warm without burning any fingers. The mug is filled with the recipient’s sweetener of choice, of course. This was simple and quick to whip up, but I think it’s sort of cute if I do say so myself.

Ribbed HatMy latest favorite crochet trick is ribs. So simple, how did I not figure them out sooner? This hat more or less follows this pattern except I used sock weight yarn and adjusted the number of stitches to reach the same length. I was skeptical about the top closing up smoothly, but it’s pretty magical how well it works.

Santa CrowThis crow. Oh, this crow. I’m not sure why he came into our lives. One of the friends we spent Halloween with decided to buy it the day of at Spirit, even though he had nowhere to put it at home, no desire to bring it there, and we didn’t want it in our apartment (we weren’t even there most of the night). So it just sort of migrated around our tiny apartment for a few months, getting in the way. My retribution? Make it a little Santa hat and regift it back to said friend.

Face Scrubby SetTunisian crochet is another thing I learned in 2011. It has the unique quality of being smooth on one side and bumpy on the other, making it wonderful for scrubbies. I made several sets of these little washable (yep, that’s machine washable) cotton scrubbies and paired them with some homemade sugar scrub.

Wee GiraffeThis little guy went out a few days late, but I swear I was saving the best for last. You would think after making the Babyraffe and diligently tracking the pattern to write it out, I would follow it. But no, I’m silly, I made this one up as I went along. It’s a bit smaller and the details are different, more like a younger cousin than a brother to the original.

And with that, phew! I can wrap up Christmas. See you again sometime around November, holidays*!

* Those of you who like to play holiday music around July, lalalalala I can’t hear you!


~ by maramas on February 5, 2012.

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