A Project for Five Year Old Me

In kindergarten, I loved pink and purple – specifically together. I had a dress that was purple with bright pink trim that I wore all the time. It became the subject of one of my first sewing projects when I decided to add leaf shaped sequins to the ribbon it had around the waist. As I grew up, I tried to act like I grew out of the pink/purple combo, you might have heard me say my favorite color was blue for quite a while, but now I’m admitting it, there is still something about the girly colors together.

What does that have to do with anything? Well, not long ago I was allowed to raid my boyfriend’s grandmother’s yarn collection. She doesn’t use it anymore, and had several big tubs collected from her own crafting and from her mother’s stash. I left with a trash bag stuffed full of all sorts of goodies. Most of it didn’t have the labels, so it’s not really possible to date it (though a few do have some rather ancient looking paper wrappers…), but the above label (click to see a larger than life version) went with yarn that is an eye searingly neon pink. Based on the design, I’m going to guess it’s from the 80s. I love it. It makes me think of Barbie, Jem and the Holograms and Lisa Frank. Actually, if I had more of it, I would probably have to make a hot pink wraparound dress like Jem wears.

What could possibly go with this super bright color? That’s where the five year old in me kicks in – it has to be purple. Luckily I pulled the perfect one out of those storage tubs – it’s bright in its own right and also a little iridescent. I can’t date this one, it was rolled in to a ball and thus didn’t have any information accompanying it, but it’s also excellent.

The actual project I chose for this was something I’ve considered doing for a while, but when it came down to it, I didn’t do a huge amount of pre-planning. I’ve wanted to make crocheted baskets for a while, and I’ve mulled over ways to give them rigidity, but truth be told, in that moment, I just sort of went for it. I saw the two yarns together, decided I wanted to do something with it right that moment, and went for the project I’ve thought about but always pushed aside in favor of something else. I’ve seen a few patterns that involve crocheting two yarns at the same time, but until now haven’t tried it – it ended up being perfect for making the fabric stiff and solid. The resulting basket is goofy, lumpy, far from square, and somehow perfectly fitting for the wacky colors.

It’s not something I’d make for someone else, I’ll have to tweak my method and pattern a bit first, but because it reminds me of something a five year old made, I think it’s pretty perfect for me.


~ by maramas on May 29, 2011.

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