Posting a Particularly Pleasing Piece

I’ve been a little silent here because I was trying to avoid this just becoming an advertising spot for my Etsy shop (ok, so that was a little shameless, but when you see an opening…), and most of my creating lately has been in the form of jewelry to list there. But this one is too pretty to keep to just one online venue – I had to share this bracelet in a few places.

It’s a piece of copper chainmail that I admittedly bought ready made, but I added a touch of my own in the form of a wire wrapped link on one end of each figure 8 piece of the ‘mail. The links have a little spiral on the unattached end and hold a tiny red glass seed bead.

The whole thing jingles ever so quietly and is really pleasant to wear. I almost wanted to keep this for myself, but I was good and listed it instead. Hopefully it will find its way to someone’s home where it will be worn often and bring them the same happiness watching it take shape brought me.

I do have some projects in the works that aren’t Etsy related or jewelry, but they’re not quite ready to be seen by the world. Soon my pretties, soon…


~ by maramas on May 19, 2011.

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