Now With 100% More Etsy!

I’ve gone and taken the plunge (again) – I’m selling on Etsy. My shop is located at and is, for at least the time being, focused on jewelry. I’d like to work some crochet things in to it eventually, perhaps with crocheted jewelry, but for now I can’t work fast enough for it to be financially viable for me to sell, so those of you who have something I’ve crocheted, congrats, you’re very special. ;D

My current goal is to make and list at least one item per day and build up the stock there. So far so good, though it’s only been less than a week. This is also helping me make a lot more things to show to potential brick and mortar shops that might take my work, hopefully.

I had another shop on Etsy some time ago, but it went nowhere – never sold a piece and I doubt it even got seen by many. This time I hope to do it better by actually keeping the shop active with new things, being involved in the site community to gain tips and exposure, and promoting it around some.

I know New Years was a while ago, but I’d rather make a resolution when I’m ready to, and now is that time. Be on the lookout for lots of updates!


~ by maramas on May 6, 2011.

One Response to “Now With 100% More Etsy!”

  1. As said over on Facebook, you’ve got excellent photos. That’s a plus for selling online!

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