We Interrupt This Radio Silence…

So my noble intentions to keep this active and not lame out immediately almost looked like my usual insanity. I would have believed this blog was dead before it really got going too, had I not known what was going on elsewhere. I’ve still been designing, but nothing involving wire or yarn. I have been working on a website. Gasp!

It’s basically a combined portfolio for the various things I do/have done. It isn’t completely done yet, only a few actual projects are up, but they’re being added slowly. The framework is there, and that’s the part that I, knowing myself, am likely to procrastinate on most. Hopefully it doesn’t explode and/or look terrible when viewed on any screen but my own. This is my first site outside of practice projects in web design class, so I’m a little nervous. No way to find out without allowing that possibility and just putting it out there, so here goes!


~ by maramas on April 20, 2011.

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