It’s Octopus Time!

What started out as an attempt to ad lib a quick little animal turned in to a full evening of work thanks to my boyfriend’s habit of having ideas that sound excellent but actually take forever. The base of this little octopus is actually really easy and fast – it’s essentially a sphere with a pause partway through to make little tentacles. That was what I wanted, something that comes together fast so I can have fun customizing each one but not spend forever just getting the basics of it done. All his sweet ‘tude, from the bitchin’ ‘hawk to the sweet shades and (to a lesser extent) the sly grin, are where the work is. I’m letting it be a lesson: next time, remember that there are a zillion easy ways to make eyes and a mouth, and they’re probably at least as neat looking.

In the spirit of learning lessons, I thought I’d try my hand at writing out the pattern for the little guy. Here we go!


Yarn in whatever crazy color you want, for body

Contrasting color of yarn in similar weight, for mohawk (if desired)

Appropriately sized hook for that yarn

Embroidery floss for face


Round 1: Start with a magic ring, sc 6 in to ring [6]

Round 2: Sc 2 in each stitch [12]

Round 3: (Sc 2 in one stitch, sc) 6x [18]

Round 4: (Sc 2 in one stitch, sc 2) 6x [24]

Round 5: In blo (sc, ch 16, sc in second ch from hook, sc 14, sc in next stitch on ring, sl st) 8x [24]

Octopus tentacle

This is what the tentacles look like pulled flat.


Round 6: In remaining flo of last round (Sc 2 in one stitch, sc 3) 6x [30]

Round 7: (Sc 2 in one stitch, sc 4) 6x [36]

Round 8-9: Sc around [36]

Round 10: (Sc 2 tog, sc 4) 6x [30]

Round 11: (Sc 2 tog, sc 3) 6x [24]

Stuff body.

Round 12: (Sc 2 tog, sc 2) 6x [18]

Round 13: (Sc 2 tog, sc) 6x [12]

Round 14: Sc 2 tog, repeat until hole at top is closed up, F.O.

The mohawk was added by starting with one loop on the hook, then single crocheting right in to the finished body of the octopus. I started down near the tentacles on one side then working a straight row toward the center, going just past it. I then went back halfway down that row with single crochet and switched to slip stitches to have it taper away toward the back.

The face was embroidered on, but I don’t recommend trying to make aviator glasses and filling them in solid unless you’re a masochist because they took at least twice as long as the entire rest of the project.


~ by maramas on March 24, 2011.

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