A Productive Day for Jewelry

I had a pretty productive day of jewelry making. It felt nice to get back in to that, as I haven’t really done any in a few months. I was most pleased with this particular set, and also liked that they photographed pretty decently as well. I wish I knew what the weird poky things were – they were a gift and that person didn’t seem too sure either. I think they’re some sort of seed pod, possibly some which had been lacquered? They had plant like gunk inside, like the divisions in a seed pod, hence the guess. Whatever they are, they’re paired up with hematite, labradorite, pearls and a funky silver chain.

While that was the general favorite, the rest of these were also highlights. Hence, image dump:

This necklace is a mish-mash of amber, glass, resin, plastic and other stones I can’t quite identify on a whole jumble of wires in different gauges and metals.

The copper chain was the inspiration here, and led to something of a Grecian feel. I tried to emphasize that with blue glass, then paired it with other metals and pearls.

And down below we have a chunky earring/necklace set with big glass dangles, some sweet glass elephants, then more of that funky chain used in different earrings. These earrings also showcase the work of my new favorite toy – a little pencil torch that allows me to finish off the ends of wire with a little dot rather than having to twist it. It’s almost like I’m a real jeweler with real tools!


~ by maramas on March 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “A Productive Day for Jewelry”

  1. OHAY. Neat.

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