How to kick things off? – Babybot

What is the best project to showcase and use to get this blog rolling? Probably the first one I finish after decided to do this. It seemed logical enough when I started writing this, and there’s no turning back now! So, without further ado, Babybot:




Babybot is from the book Crobots: 20 Amigurumi Robots to Make, which I’ve been meaning to make something from since I got it for Christmas. Because I followed someone else’s pattern without much alteration, I’m not going to post that – it’s in the book – but I will say that he came together fairly easily. The original colors are a bit more robot-like, but I like to imagine that his golden color makes him more like a little nephew to C3PO.

There were a few tricks in the pattern for giving him a blockier, more square shape, which is unusual with crochet, which has more of a tendency to form round shapes. In future I might try some other sort of arm, as these came out sort of huge and bodybuilder-esque. I’ll also change yarn colors on the face earlier than the pattern tells me to, because the more I look at the lump of black at the lower left, the more it bother me. Oh well, at least his face is cute.

Extra bonus: I learned how to make a French knot, which is my new favorite trick.


~ by maramas on March 6, 2011.

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